In a survey conducted by Gumtree South Africa on the differences between men and women when purchasing a car, SA’s leading carmaker was voted as the preferred car brand by both men and women.
For the ladies, Toyota was named as their ‘mark’ of choice (27%), listing attributes such as reliability, maintenance, comfort and affordability when mentioning their favourite car brand.

“This resonates extremely well with our brand pillars, as Toyota’s reputation for quality, durability and reliability clearly talks to the needs of these customers,” says Kerry Roodt, General Manager of Marketing Communications.

Toyota also scored the highest for men, with 21 per cent recording Toyota as their preferred brand. Key phrases such as power, style, class, engineering and trust were mentioned by the respondents.

“We are delighted to have been voted as the preferred car brand by both men and women in this survey, and this reflects our commitment to all our customers to offer ever improving vehicles and outstanding service,” Roodt added.